Failed Photo Attempt

I belong to several online photography groups – public and private Facebook groups, a subReddit, blogs, etc. – that provide photo assignments/challenges.  I have quite a list right now of scenarios that I need to be seeking out to photograph.

I have focal length assignment from Reddit, I have a composition assignment from Reddit, I have a daily photo assignment from FB…

The assignment I’m most excited about is from a photography class alumni group on Facebook.  I took a beginner photography class with Amy Cameron of Amy Lyn Photography which allowed me to join her closed alumni group.  Her class was held once a week over four weeks and I learned a ton about using my camera.  I knew the basics of the exposure triangle, composition, all those academic-y elements that you can read from a book, but I hadn’t quite been able to put them into practice yet.  Amy helped me to put my knowledge into practice.  Her experience and anecdotes made for an educational and enjoyable experience and I walked out of the class a much more effective beginner photographer.  She’s challenged those of us in the group to take a long exposure photo and instead of doing something “simple,” I’ve decided to launch all the way to the stars and try out some night sky photography.

I have a tripod and a camera that will take up to 30 second exposures and an iron will that is driving me toward this image in my head.  I did some reading and decided that the only way to learn is to try, so I planned out my nighttime adventure.

Equipment? Check.
Location?  Check.
Comfy chair and blanket?  Check.
Willing assistant?  Check.
Hot cocoa?  Check.

Clear skies and visible stars?  Not so much.  I’d watched the weather so closely as the date approached, made an adjustment to the night I was planning for, and still didn’t have a good weather night for photography.  I’m not used to the environment playing such a big part in my photography.  Usually I take advantage of good conditions when I see them; I hadn’t yet been restricted when they weren’t available.

So, I’ll curb my disappointment, watch the weather, and allow myself more time to ponder hyperfocus and this little gem of an equation:

Wish me luck!!!


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